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Take the skills you've learnt to create your own original piece of art!

The canvas board in your Orlabox is the perfect way to showcase your masterpiece!

Use the tips below to help create your own unique piece of art.

Top Tips!

Top Tips

What shall I paint?

So you're ready to create your show off piece, but stuck on what to paint? Here's some Orlabox prompts!
Portraits | Landscapes | Still life (objects) | Buildings 
Nostalgia | Identity | Seasonal | Colour | Sentimental 


Moving to canvas from sketchpad can be daunting.

So here's some tips to help!

1. Apply a ground of colour on your canvas to block out the white. See it like a foundation layer of paint!

2. Use plenty of paint! The rough texture of canvas means you'll need more paint to create good coverage!

3. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, acrylic has a high opacity so you can always paint over bits you aren't too keen on.


Tone is the lightness or darkness of something.

Remember to mix and paint using a variety of shades for the shadow & highlights. Otherwise your painting may end up looking flat!

Colour palette

Create your colour palette early on so you have an idea of the tonal range for your painting.


Brush work and mark-making creates texture, form, as well as detail.

Directional brushwork means following the contours and form of an object. This helps it look more 3D!


Even though acrylic is opaque, it's always best to sketch lightly. 
Map out your drawing with the basic shapes. You don't need to add detail until you start painting!
Holding the end of the pencil helps you draw more freely and quickly.

Feature your show off piece in our online exhibition!

Orlabox will be holding a bi-annual online exhibition starting in 2021!


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